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Seven Reasons to Get Epoxy Floors at Home or at your Office

Updated: May 21, 2021

If you want to renovate one area of your house such as your garage or kitchen; or maybe it is your office the space you want to transform you should definitely consider epoxy floors installation. One of the toughest and most durable finishes that you can apply to a garage floor today is an epoxy coating. Not only does it protect your garage floor, it can instantly transform your boring or ugly cement into a beautiful, functional and professional looking floor. If you have always wanted a floor that’s strong, durable, easy to maintain, and that looks fantastic take a look at the seven reasons to get epoxy floors:

1. Resistant to Water and Stains

Applying an epoxy coating instantly transforms a regular cement floor into a non-porous surface. This makes it perfect when messes and spills are a constant risk, such as with car maintenance, woodworking and painting. An epoxy coating also repels stains, enabling you to clean up the mess effortlessly.

2. Damage Resistant

Besides being nice to look at and simple to clean, epoxy coatings also hold up admirably against even the most brutal treatment and come out unharmed. You wont have to worry about dirt and debris scratching or marring your floors brilliant surface. Even falling tools and other heavy objects are no match for its durability.

3. Economical Choice

Because epoxy is less expensive than most finishes, lasts a long time and stands up to damage, it is perhaps the most cost-effective flooring you can apply to your garage or shop.

4. Perfect for Resurfacing

Because of epoxy's chemical nature, it tends to level itself out. This means that it will obtain a smooth, even finish without any effort on your part. Even a floor thats marred with cracks and stains can be made new again with a coating of epoxy.

5. Less Dust in Your Home

(unlike epoxy, bare concrete can create a lot of dust)

6. Easy Cleanup

Motor oil, grease, paint, wood stain, dirt and grass can leave a cement floor looking unsightly. An epoxy-coated floor, however, makes these messes easy to clean up using a rag and soapy water.

7. Will Save You Money

If you feel like your shops flooring is starting to look old and worn out, maybe it's time to give it a makeover. Regardless of your reason for altering the floor of your shop or garage, make sure you use epoxy. You will save a bundle of money, effort and time on all aspects of floor installation and maintenance, plus you'll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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